What is a project to us?

A project to us, is a business idea able to bring together a concrete economic base with our philosophy, an idea seeking the local development giving new life to the traditions of our territory.

Thanks to our passion for the nature and the environment of Sardinia and with the purpose of increasing new forms of Sustainable Tourism, we have been awarded a grant by a European Call for Proposal. Therefore, we were able to contribute to create an innovative tourism, respecting the land and its people and bringing back to the fore the Sardinian central area, so long underestimated.

Directly from the skilful hands of our producers to your tables. A virtual shop window of our region tastes. This is the idea which allowed us to be successfully selected to be funded by a call of proposals issued by the Chamber of Commerce. We created an e-commerce site through which the producer and the consumer can communicate directly so allowing the client to get daily fresh products.